Patrick L. Smith (me!)

Patrick L. Smith (me!)


Hi there! I’m Patrick L. Smith, an Ottawa-based web developer, educator, writer, and human Swiss Army Knife. Don’t let that “Ottawa-based” fool you, though. Our world is so connected that proximity doesn’t matter nearly as much as it once did. What’s more important is quality, perseverance and getting the right person for the job.


I pride myself on my collection of useful, albeit eclectic, skills. It’s perhaps unsurprising that my career has taken such a winding path when you consider my equally winding path through the fine world of education. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Carleton University, a Journalism diploma and an Interactive Media Management certificate from Algonquin College. I also hold a certificate in Data Journalism from the University of Hong Kong.


My career thus far has taken me to several interesting places. These include Rogers Cable 23, the Ottawa Citizen, Postmedia NewsTSN1200 Radio, the Canada Safety Council and Algonquin College. I’m still actively involved with the latter two, using my platform to help shape the minds and attitudes of Canadians both young and old.

In my role as Manager, National Projects at the Canada Safety Council, I’m responsible for the organization’s communications efforts, the development of eight national annual campaigns and web presence, including social media and web development.

At Algonquin College, meanwhile, I teach in the Journalism program (Data Journalism, Multimedia I, Multimedia II) and the Professional Writing program (Writing for the Web).


Outside of professional pursuits, I’m also:

  • a multi-instrumentalist, playing bass in a band and guitar for fun;
  • a competitive axe thrower;
  • a sports nut, with particular affinity for the Los Angeles Rams;
  • a wicked Bard in Dungeons & Dragons, and
  • always on the lookout for a new hoppy beer and the perfect chicken wing.

Browse around. Stay a while! Check out my blog, if that’s your thing. And do let me know if there’s anything I can do for you. That contact form at the bottom of the page means I’m only a click away!

Patrick L. Smith’s skills


Coding has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Whether I was spending my childhood summers at Virtual Ventures summer coding camp at Carleton University or coding my first user profile on Neopets using HTML, there’s always been something about coding that I’ve found oddly therapeutic.

My expertise lies in HTML5 and CSS3, though I regularly work with Javascript and PHP as well. Plus, I’m always learning new languages and eager to take on new challenges. As far as frameworks go, I’m also experienced with Content Management Systems (CMS.) I’m proficient in WordPress theme development but have also worked in Drupal, Joomla, Squarespace and Shopify CMS.



Writing is a skill in and of itself. But it’s one that many people possess in some way, shape or form. The way I like to put it is that everyone can write, but not everyone can be a writer. I stand out from the pack because of my ability to write for specific audiences. Writing at a university level fails to reach a 5th grader. On the other hand, writing colloquially will sometimes fail to reach a President and CEO.

I understand the importance of having a compelling message. And I understand the importance of reaching the right audience in a language they can easily understand. My background in journalism, communications and education has kept this ability sharp and has enabled me to address college students, the middle-aged, the elderly and every demographic in between.


The media landscape is in a state of constant metamorphosis. Because of this, any attempt to communicate — news article, press release, even text message — can be improved significantly through appropriate use of multimedia. The challenge is ensuring that use of photos, audio, video, charts and/or graphs is done tastefully and serves to amplify the message, not bury it. That’s where I come in.

As an educator, multimedia is my wheelhouse. I show the value in alternate story forms that let an end user interpret a story or an idea in a multitude of ways. Don’t let fear of the unknown or reliance on past best practices force your hand. Let me help you broaden your engagement in an organic and sustainable way.

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