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Who am I?


My name is Patrick L. Smith. I’m a data journalism, multimedia and web-writing professor, freelance web designer, developer, graphic designer and writer. I’m based out of Ottawa, Ont., and am passionate about coding, attentive to detail and am always on the quest to keep learning new things.


What I do



Clean code

My websites are clean, easy to navigate and include comments to make the code easy to understand for anyone who may end up working on it.



Sharp design

Whether it’s through Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash or CSS, my designing incorporates best practices in the industry and leave you with a crisp, strong design you can be proud to display.


Engaging writing

My strong grasp of the written word allows me to tell stories and write articles in ways that are engaging, interesting and in-depth.


Dynamic photography

Any kind of layout can only be as strong as its supporting art, which is why I supplement my work with my own DSLR photography.

Start your next project on the right foot!

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So you’ve decided I can help make your next project a success? Perfect. Get in touch with me and let’s work together to make something you can be proud to call your own. You can reach me either by phone or by email.